Friday, April 25, 2014

In the former, or direct over the limit?

In the former - more flexible, easily converted, fetish space. if the hot weather should be placed ditempah more shade that sunlight can be In the limit - more space to grow, pleased be handled with Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia  sayuran2 others .. but if the summer ought to put shade than the principal circumvent drought and heat. in the former
direct planting on the boundary

Here dikongsikan planter that I have made this morning,

Ni tread viewers depleted harvest coriander ..

Having cleared all the grass rumpai,

Land digemburkan to fork or hands (we called it), takde fork was allowed to hoe .. mana2 easy.

Land which has been cleared and digemburkan,

Fresh seeds were purchased from the market .. (happy new seeds grow)

It's such a coriander seed,

Having sown direct on serata limit the possible ..

Close up dah sown seed, Coriander (Coriandrum sativum Linn) is not native to Indonesia, commodity farmers cultivated in Indonesia is merely taken young leaves for salad, vegetables. Coriander seeds still in imports from India, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, China, United Arab Emirates and other producing countries average about 19 thousand tons. Other uses are many and varied coriander ranging from raw materials to a variety of drugs, industrial tanners, flavor, fragrance and perfume raw materials. In order to create added value (added value), has done a lot of primary product diversification through the extraction or refining of essential oil producing plants. Oil cilantro (coriander oil) essential oil is a commodity that is expected to potentially high commercial value and also has not been commercialized yet known in Indonesia as well as the appropriateness of the cultivated and competitiveness. The results of an interim analysis of production and cost of production results of research on socio-economic and technological coriander cultivation on a small scale and added references obtained, it can be concluded that cultivation of coriander and effort to obtain the added value of the primary product diversification in the form of coriander oil is not feasible implemented in Indonesia and did not have an international market competitiveness. CORIANDER OIL REFINING Before distillation should be conducted prior destruction Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya of cilantro or material size reduction, with the aim to facilitate the evaporation of the essential oil of materials. During the process of size reduction of materials will occur evaporating low boiling oil component and if left too long there will be approximately 0.5% depreciation of the material akibatpenguapan oil (Ketaren, 1985).

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The trick is actually quite simple but it required effort and time

So how do I Blog Promotion with SEO ?
The trick is actually quite simple but it required effort and time , because it is not instant . Even Google itself as the search engine from which Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia  I have ever read in the canonical guide says that there is no official guarantee for Search Engine Optimization is fast and accurate with 100 % absolute success and capacity .
So we can do is approach - approach can create a search engine we are pleased to offer up a search engine evaluates the qualifications of the offer. Scan this search engine when it comes to love is to often and the speed of the index every page of the blog and put on the main page SERP position on Search Engine .
How to SEO Blog Promotion can be done with the following steps :

Knowing in advance that there have internal blogs , for that matter know the features and technology that is had from the use of CMS blog . Good template or a good place to make hosting the server in the continued uptime .
More optimization SEO Friendly template you are using or the CMS in use , can by changing and adding scripts on blogspot users like Meta Tags for Title , Description and Keywords . For consumer use CMS WordPress SEO plugin necessary , select which can help in improving search engine to search the web page or blog .
Table of Content with things that are interesting and quality , this is the cornerstone of Blog Promotion . Content quality is its own unique words and have the right information and useful or appropriate to the product on offer, as well as in debates, and give the title match the content of the make. Yoga Weblog strive to provide good content and provide useful information in each paper and deliberated .
Third thing on a few of the SEO Onpage which is the minimum to be applied on a blog , then that should be done is outside the range of promotions with this matter is to introduce the cultivation of good backlink from media advertisements or social bookmark and comment on blog / other websites .
Blog Promotion by establishing backlinks from outside this often is referred to as SEO offpage , campaigns like this that should be noticed is good for media promotion and quality .
Promotion of walking through the blog by leaving a comment is one of a guerrilla campaign , to try to maximize the promotion of social bookmarking sites where many bloggers who signed up and traveled to the media .
Forum is a target that can be made ​​in promotional media , because this forum is usually a wide variety of Internet users come together and discuss things.
Many other media that can be made ​​in Promotion tool for SEO optimization , these media will promote and will increase the rank backlinks blog we have when the media has a good reputation in the eyes of search engines .
There are still many ways and alternatives that can be in use as a tool for Blog Promotion with SEO , have knowledge of SEO and SEO Techniques accurately apply it will have plenty of traffic dapatkat continuous and increasing on a regular basis .- See more at:
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT /promosi-blog-dengan-seo.html # sthash.6CvuPGvT.dpufThis article about How to Super Fast indexed in Google based on experience and that was ane praktekin may be a little help buddy Blogger beginner As ane .

Friday, April 4, 2014

Well that article about How to Benefit Raising Fish And Fishing World's Largest

Well that article about How to Benefit Jadwal Bola Raising Fish And Fishing World's Largest Cork hopefully can give the reader additional knowledge for my friend, for the article about the cultivation of carp, catfish, tilapia, koi, louhan, carp, catfish and other fish farming please go to the category.
By leveraging its biological characteristics, cork fish is local fish species are likely to be developed as an adaptive farmed fish in swampy marsh environment.
Utilization in swampy wetlands for fisheries sector is still dominated by fishing activities that productivity tends to decline. Fish farming is an option to increase the productivity of the waters of the swamp.
To support this effort needs to be cultivated seed supply sufficient quantities and available when needed. In public waters catfish spawn at the start of the rainy season, but with increased efforts to arrest the fish seed cork increasingly hard to come by in public waters.
Research to develop a seed business with systems using gonadotropin stimulation and brood derived from swampy waters incentives funded research conducted by the National Innovation System (SINas) Ministry of Research and Technology.
Enlargement seed in swampy bogs performed using cages with a stocking density of 50-150 ekor/m2 and artificial feed. For lowland swamp done in the middle of the container fence with 10 ekor/m2 stocking density and artificial feed, trash fish and feed mixture (pellets and trash fish). Feed given as much as 3% of the total weight of the fish.
Gaffar Karim of the Centre for Research Featured Land Development Sub-Optimal Sriwijaya University and Dina Muthmainnah from the Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and the Fisheries Research and Development General explained, preliminary results indicate there is an increase in weight of the initial stocking of seed size on average 2.3 grams, after 10 weeks of feed mixture in a container fence, weighing 42.6 grams.
While in the cage after eight weeks with a stocking density 50 ekor/m2 weighed 24.2 grams. [Mor]
Prof. UB research university lecturer. Dr.. Eddy Suprayitno, MS reveal utilization of fish extract cork as serum albumin is commonly used for curing operation, therefore it is suitable cork fish consumed by Lukan burn patients, patients who had surgery / people convalescing.
Albumin catfish and other content essential for the formation of new cells and replace damaged cells in the body. Some cases of cancer patients,
Berita Bola kidney failure, stroke, tuberculosis, and diabetes who have undergone nutritional therapy with albumin catfish provide satisfactory condition. In a web site explaining that there was a diseased bladder cancer Amir H-name pseudonyms-in Bandung, West Java. Amir is from 3 years ago was sentenced to suffer bladder cancer should undergo chemotherapy as a precaution so that the tumor cells in the body do not develop. In the case of chemotherapy, the side effects are generally: hair loss and fatigue easily. Amir H ​​is always regularly consume 6 capsules per day of albumin catfish showed encouraging conditions. Each finished undergoing cancer chemotherapy, he quickly fit and his hair was not experiencing hair loss.