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The trick is actually quite simple but it required effort and time

So how do I Blog Promotion with SEO ?
The trick is actually quite simple but it required effort and time , because it is not instant . Even Google itself as the search engine from which Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia  I have ever read in the canonical guide says that there is no official guarantee for Search Engine Optimization is fast and accurate with 100 % absolute success and capacity .
So we can do is approach - approach can create a search engine we are pleased to offer up a search engine evaluates the qualifications of the offer. Scan this search engine when it comes to love is to often and the speed of the index every page of the blog and put on the main page SERP position on Search Engine .
How to SEO Blog Promotion can be done with the following steps :

Knowing in advance that there have internal blogs , for that matter know the features and technology that is had from the use of CMS blog . Good template or a good place to make hosting the server in the continued uptime .
More optimization SEO Friendly template you are using or the CMS in use , can by changing and adding scripts on blogspot users like Meta Tags for Title , Description and Keywords . For consumer use CMS WordPress SEO plugin necessary , select which can help in improving search engine to search the web page or blog .
Table of Content with things that are interesting and quality , this is the cornerstone of Blog Promotion . Content quality is its own unique words and have the right information and useful or appropriate to the product on offer, as well as in debates, and give the title match the content of the make. Yoga Weblog strive to provide good content and provide useful information in each paper and deliberated .
Third thing on a few of the SEO Onpage which is the minimum to be applied on a blog , then that should be done is outside the range of promotions with this matter is to introduce the cultivation of good backlink from media advertisements or social bookmark and comment on blog / other websites .
Blog Promotion by establishing backlinks from outside this often is referred to as SEO offpage , campaigns like this that should be noticed is good for media promotion and quality .
Promotion of walking through the blog by leaving a comment is one of a guerrilla campaign , to try to maximize the promotion of social bookmarking sites where many bloggers who signed up and traveled to the media .
Forum is a target that can be made ​​in promotional media , because this forum is usually a wide variety of Internet users come together and discuss things.
Many other media that can be made ​​in Promotion tool for SEO optimization , these media will promote and will increase the rank backlinks blog we have when the media has a good reputation in the eyes of search engines .
There are still many ways and alternatives that can be in use as a tool for Blog Promotion with SEO , have knowledge of SEO and SEO Techniques accurately apply it will have plenty of traffic dapatkat continuous and increasing on a regular basis .- See more at:
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT /promosi-blog-dengan-seo.html # sthash.6CvuPGvT.dpufThis article about How to Super Fast indexed in Google based on experience and that was ane praktekin may be a little help buddy Blogger beginner As ane .

Friday, April 4, 2014

Well that article about How to Benefit Raising Fish And Fishing World's Largest

Well that article about How to Benefit Jadwal Bola Raising Fish And Fishing World's Largest Cork hopefully can give the reader additional knowledge for my friend, for the article about the cultivation of carp, catfish, tilapia, koi, louhan, carp, catfish and other fish farming please go to the category.
By leveraging its biological characteristics, cork fish is local fish species are likely to be developed as an adaptive farmed fish in swampy marsh environment.
Utilization in swampy wetlands for fisheries sector is still dominated by fishing activities that productivity tends to decline. Fish farming is an option to increase the productivity of the waters of the swamp.
To support this effort needs to be cultivated seed supply sufficient quantities and available when needed. In public waters catfish spawn at the start of the rainy season, but with increased efforts to arrest the fish seed cork increasingly hard to come by in public waters.
Research to develop a seed business with systems using gonadotropin stimulation and brood derived from swampy waters incentives funded research conducted by the National Innovation System (SINas) Ministry of Research and Technology.
Enlargement seed in swampy bogs performed using cages with a stocking density of 50-150 ekor/m2 and artificial feed. For lowland swamp done in the middle of the container fence with 10 ekor/m2 stocking density and artificial feed, trash fish and feed mixture (pellets and trash fish). Feed given as much as 3% of the total weight of the fish.
Gaffar Karim of the Centre for Research Featured Land Development Sub-Optimal Sriwijaya University and Dina Muthmainnah from the Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and the Fisheries Research and Development General explained, preliminary results indicate there is an increase in weight of the initial stocking of seed size on average 2.3 grams, after 10 weeks of feed mixture in a container fence, weighing 42.6 grams.
While in the cage after eight weeks with a stocking density 50 ekor/m2 weighed 24.2 grams. [Mor]
Prof. UB research university lecturer. Dr.. Eddy Suprayitno, MS reveal utilization of fish extract cork as serum albumin is commonly used for curing operation, therefore it is suitable cork fish consumed by Lukan burn patients, patients who had surgery / people convalescing.
Albumin catfish and other content essential for the formation of new cells and replace damaged cells in the body. Some cases of cancer patients,
Berita Bola kidney failure, stroke, tuberculosis, and diabetes who have undergone nutritional therapy with albumin catfish provide satisfactory condition. In a web site explaining that there was a diseased bladder cancer Amir H-name pseudonyms-in Bandung, West Java. Amir is from 3 years ago was sentenced to suffer bladder cancer should undergo chemotherapy as a precaution so that the tumor cells in the body do not develop. In the case of chemotherapy, the side effects are generally: hair loss and fatigue easily. Amir H ​​is always regularly consume 6 capsules per day of albumin catfish showed encouraging conditions. Each finished undergoing cancer chemotherapy, he quickly fit and his hair was not experiencing hair loss.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The woman's dream man is a woman who

Wise The woman's dream man Obat Pembesar Penis Vimax is a woman who is good at but do not show off their versatility. Aisha Saidatina r.a. is an intellectual heroine and also a role model for every woman solehah. A total of 2,210 valid hadith has been narrated for 9 years living with the Messenger of Allah He is fuqoha '(jurists) Medina who is knowledgeable in the field of medicine.
8. Not mempamerkan to-seksian "The woman who dressed but naked real man to seek attention, the sway-lenggokkan body, whose head is like a hump (hump) camel, they will not enter heaven". (Hadith Reported by Muslim) Know ye, O woman, that man likes to see that sexy body, but was limited to just love and lust of men to have sex with you for once and you will be forgotten forever, not want to marry you.
9. Not Nagging Men do not like women who nag nag because a man will lose prestige in the eyes of his friends and always keep communication with you.
10. Understanding Men Example: A woman contacted the man by saying: "That's my brother! Fun work wrote. Selfish, not remember back to the house, Inexhaustible with dude ... dude ... dude ... I'm at home a lot of work, anak2 nanya his father kept from before, what should I kerjakaan everything myself! "
It turns out that actually occur in men are: "He was an employee, the boss continued meeting until 7 pm. Drop Maghrib prayers in the mosque. There are preachers idol (or've been wanting atmosphere Da'wah assemblies). Listen to the lecture so pray 'Isha. On the way home, an old friend asked conference call in the shop there are important things he said. 10 pm just got home ".
After all fatigue beyond. Got home, Men only hope was greeted with a smile, but that was found was his wife greeted with a scowl and stare emotion.
11. Not too jealous "Do not be jealous, but in two cases, namely
Agen Bola Terpercaya someone who has dikurniakan God and treasure spent in Allah and those who dikurniakan science, and he teaches based on his knowledge to others (Al-Quran and Hadith)" (narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim ).
12. Cool eye can see Be polite, was always sweeten advance. Was always a smile. Close the genitals. Friendly and cordial. Lower his gaze.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The guy who has the same narrow eyes do not like spoiled girl

The guy who has the same narrow eyes do not like spoiled girl . Besides, the guy does not like if dicurhatin long by someone . The principle of life is a little talking a lot of work .

Round : Men have the most whiz round eyes seduce and pamper a girl . The headache she does not want to think about the little things and want to hear the opinions of others.
dating tips , how to tell a character guy , character guy , a guy 's face , knowing the tips of his character guy

Sharp : a high nose bone guy who has a high standard in his life . The he has a rather high prestige . Even so , but the guy is not cocky or arrogant to others .

Pesek : The guy who got the snub nose can maintain a good relationship with . The boys are also frequently show a romantic attitude and attention to their partner . But unfortunately , the guy has a little possessive attitude .

Lobe expands : this one guy who has a warm personality to anyone . Therefore , do not be jealous if the guy has a lot of girl friends . Even so , the kind of guy that is loyal to his partner .

Thin upper lip : Guys like this do not like manjain girl. The guy looks stern and somewhat stiff , therefore , do not protest if the he does not show on your romantic gesture Portal Agen Judi Bola Sbobet Piala Dunia 2014

Thin lower lip : this guy is sometimes more concerned with the interests of his own , but still care about the environment . The guy has a high social life , but rather selfish .

Thin upper and lower lips : The guy would listen curhatan of her partner . other than that , he's also a person who can be trusted to keep a secret . Kepemimpinanya soul is strong enough , but a bit shy in people who have not been too well known .

Monday, March 17, 2014


One of vegetables which are generally used as a cooking spice consumed in the fresh form. However, there also are used as processed materials such as: chili sauce, chili powder, and pickles. Nutrient content of red chili is generally quite high, especially vitamins and minerals. Red chili also contains a variety of vitamins such as A, B, C, calcium, phosphorus, fats and proteins. In order to develop the necessary arrangement of red chilli c Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia ropping pattern in accordance with the demand and development of advanced technologies to support increased productivity
A. Preparation of Land
Land cleared of the remnants of the previous tanman, then processed and dried for up to several days (7-14 days). Subsequently made beds as a planting medium. Beds about 12 m long, with a width of 110-120 cm, 40-50 cm tall. Between the two beds made ditch to enter and drain the water. Proceed with manure and agricultural lime is mixed with soil seedbed evenly while inverted, and then dried to less than 2 weeks
B. Seeding

Seeds soaked with water first, the floating discarded, before sowing the seeds soaked in 10% hypochlorite solution for 10 minutes.
Media nursery is a mixture of soil and manure (1:1) and Furadan 1 kg/10m2 ground. Then seed sowing, the seedbed should be given shade, and a position facing east.
After 5 days the seeds germinated seedlings were transferred to polybags which has been prepared, to increase the adaptability and ability to grow when transferred to the field.
Watering is done regularly nursery is 1-2 times / day or depending on the weather and spraying foliar fertilizer low dose 0.5gr / l of water when the young plants 10-15 days.
Good seedlings to be transplanted is 5-9
C. Installation White Black plastic mulch (MPHP)

Before installation MPHP need fertilizer fertilizers in total as well. When the beds 12 m long, 60-70 cm spacing, it will contain 40 plants. So the amo
Bintaro Xchange Mall  unt of fertilizer needed 4 kg, consisting of ZA: Urea: TSP: KCL with 3:1:2:1.5 comparison with records for every 100 kg of fertilizer mixture was added to 1 kg and 1.5 kg Furadan borate. Once the average spread fertilizer, mixed with soil seedbed, then flush with water soluble fertilizer that soil layer.
Pemasanga MPHP done when blistering (pk 14:00 to 16:00) to the plastic expands and extends to cover the soil covered as much as possible. Let stand for 5 days for soluble fertilizers in the soil and does not harm the chili seeds are planted.
D. Planting
The day before planting beds that have been made of plastic mulch dituup planting hole first with a spacing of 60-70 cm. 6-8 cm diameter hole, can be done with a piece of iron pipe. Most seedlings ready to be planted after the age of 17-23 days or 2-4 leafy strands. Before Transplanting immediately flush with clean water to taste, along with polybagnya soaked in a solution of fungicide or bactericide at a dose of 0.5 -1.0 g / liter of water for 15-30 minutes. After a fairly dry cropping media, chili seeds carefully removed and planted in the holes that the land had been raised before about the size of polybags.
E. Maintenance

Watering: In the dry season is done routinely ever
Mall di Jakartay day, after a strong perakaranya plants, the next irrigation is done by in LEB every 3-4 days. Or the system kocoran flowed through the hose between 4 plants, the hose inserted into a hole in the middle MPHP beds

Saturday, March 15, 2014

After the application there are several things that must be considered , namely

After the application there are several things that must be considered , namely : Plants need adequate water , fertilizing flower - fruit right ( time , composition and dosage ) , environmental sanitation and control of pests and diseas AGEN JUDI CASINO ONLINE SBOBET 338A INDONESIA TERPERCAYA

es . Actually fertilization in the off-season is hard work for the plant , because the body's metabolism in plants will change from vegetative to generative - and - running quickly . That's what makes the condition so that water , nutrition , sanitation and health of the plant must be fulfilled .
Water is necessary for tranpor nutrients ( nutrients ) from roots to fotosistesis process that goes faster with more quantity than usual , given the results of photosynthesis in the form of starch and fructose produced in large quantities for filling fruit . Compost and inorganic fertilizer with low nitrogen composition Phosphorus - Potassium and high ( eg NPK 10-30-30 ) needed to support the formation of flower - fruit . Compost should be given two months before the application is done with the amount of crop - to - 3 years of at least 20 kg . Inorganic fertilizers are being given two times more than when the plants are not producing , to plant 3 years old are given 40 g of NPK nitrate every 30 days x 5 times the application , by means dikocorkan with 5 liters of water between the base of the stem and outer canopy boundary .
Next sanitation is done by cleaning weeds under the total canopy of plants , being weeds / grass outside the canopy sufficiently cleared 2-3 cm from becoming pests and diseases . Pests that can thwart the formation of flower - fruit is white lice that live as parasites on the dashed and young leaves , small green caterpillars and fruit flies disappear borers laying on the ovaries. For white and green caterpillar infestation can be eradicated with insecticide with adhesive , whereas for fruit flies trapped by traps / glue active ingredient methyl eugenol , brands in the field is Petrogenol , ATP , Laila and Cherry Glue . Because fruit flies if not immediately arrested , he would destroy the fruit , lay eggs in ovaries and larvae will we meet in the ripe fruit .
Actually eligibility after this is the most important applications related to the survival and health of plants . Apply this technology wisely so that your plants and fruiting trees stay healthy . ( * )
* ) The author is the Executive Secretary of the Foundation Torch Farmers and Food Technology Masters Program Student Unika Soegijapranata Semarang82 comments to " bear Outside Plant Season "

nando Nurhadi

have much knowledge about agriculture ? when allowed to share please e - mail me at
wait yes ... thanks :)

April 1st , 2009 at 9:30 am

Mas nando , continue to look at agricultural sciences which we update on . Greetings farmers struggle ! Tks

June 9th , 2009 at 4:26 am

Pratomo mas , my interest in trying to make potassium chlorate itoh my 5 year old and has not even flowered especially fruitful . Please info on where I can buy potassium chlorate it and how dose application?

Tksh , greetings

June 12th , 2009 at 12:53 pm

Sir , if for restoring barren trees wear?

July 5th , 2009 at 4:04 pm

thank you sir , so get it added . may be useful for readers smua

July 10th , 2009 at 9:11 am

For Heru : Potassium Chlorate can be obtained chemical shops or in Hortimart Agro - Bawen - Kab.Semarang Center - Central Java . Or Plantera Agro - Kendal Regency , Central Java .

July 10th , 2009 at 9:15 am

For Ida & Webe : The definition of barren trees ? If it had not been fruitful now , it's usually because we do not fertiliz
SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014    e . Fertilizing compost / Manure was three months , was fertilization NPK Mutiara each month as much as it should be at least 2 kg , for a tree with a minimum height of 3 meters . For Webe : thank you .

July 28th , 2009 at 12:47 pm

thanks mas knowledge , hopefully bermafaat for us all ...
it was great to be able to input the new ...
oh yes to produce litchi season outside using a booster ( potassium chlorate ) I review on my blog , please if there is time in corrections , in case there is a shortage ... , sy understand just penghoby gardening without any basic agricultural sciences , , , ,
thank you

August 14th , 2009 at 2:04 am

Thank you sir herfin . Move on .

August 24th , 2009 at 5:56 am

Thank you for sharing knowledge mas ,
although I am not a farmer but I mas interested after reading this article , Greetings from the city of clove .

August 24th , 2009 at 5:57 am

If plantations should know the address where ya mas , thank's

September 1st , 2009 at 9:19 am

requested information , if in Pekanbaru - Riau , auxin and giberalin want to buy , where can can ya ? how much is it ?
who is a ready-made .


September 2nd , 2009 at 6:34 am

Greetings Mr. Pratomo . I am very interested in the article the article here . Mantaf and very useful . If allowed , please share the article , Sir , to be spread more widely. mature Nuwun

September 25th , 2009 at 5:09 am

Connecting Heru questions regarding KCLO3 pack , please info on dosage and how to use the pack ?
What like Goldstar , watered at the base of the stem ?
Thank you.

September 29th, 2009 at 2:47 am

For Budiadi , KCLO3 dose is 250 - 500gr for the technical types , then the PA 5 - 20gr . Application dissolved 5 liters of water and then pour in half the radius of the base of the stem and outer canopy .

October 4th , 2009 at 11:01 am

Thank you sir Pratomo .

October 17th , 2009 at 2:48 am Forum terbesar di indonesia    Mr. Pratomo , whuiiikk , sampeyan ape tah Ngalam also pack ? hehe . Honey Kadit ndang itreng , narabel wingi helom Ngalam ..
Well sir , KCLO3 hard to find in toko2 walo already well-known chemical that ngelaborasi KCLO3 nenteng Poster for longan as a reference . Understandably it easy mbledak sensitive material by terrorists . But who in Bawan and Kendal Because I have not tried it out on my orbit in the southbound lanes jateng .
Quote the answer for Budiadi pack , 250-500 gram dose pack what most do not ?


October 17th , 2009 at 3:04 am

Disjointed little previous comments ..

Sorry question was just sad dose course , related the difficulty of getting KCLO3 . Because I 've got 20 other itoh . If 20 @ 300 g just means a 6 kg . Moreover, there are garden on Boja itoh nanam thousands of trees . But if it is that much of the experience , so what can make ..

One more yes sir , if there is a procedure to get KCLO3 the lawful and authorized , please share dong well . Thank you .


October 22nd , 2009 at 1:36 am

For Heru , KCLO3 used for litchi it is the kind of technical . So even though the concentration is 250 grams only a few percent . The terrorists are being used Pro - analysis 99.8 % concentration . Difference there , perhaps colleagues of chemical engineering can come explain Br . Heru . If you want to get KCLO3 that has been specially formulated with micro elements and specific amino acids Longan can be found at: Hortimart Bawen Agro Center , Poster Store and Agro Plantera . Rutam nuwun .

October 23rd , 2009 at 1:47 pm

Rutam nuwun share knowledge , sir Pratomo . So itreng ya ..

Kursus SEO dan Internet Marketing Terbaik di Jakarta    personal achmad
December 11th , 2009 at 1:58 pm

Pratomo sir , I intend to plant litchi itoh cirende village , district . Purwakarta , algebra . The area has a height of about 200-300 m above sea level with a temperature of 26-31 C , with fertilizer kira2 KCLO3 whether the longan will be fruitful , hatur nuhun pack Pratomo

December 21st , 2009 at 2:20 pm

mas Pratomo , sy young children who cur again plunge diperkebunan orange , sy very interested DNG technology off - season , because sy wanted to try it on citrus sy , sy klau be requested no mas tlpnya Pratomo be more obvious way , thank you

Suta wijaya
January 2nd , 2010 at 7:50 pm

Mas Pratomo , I attacked banten full address and agro tourism kalu hortimart can use no. hp or tel . thanks ya mas

January 17th , 2010 at 6:17 pm

sir how do I raise litchi

KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014    I would park his 1 ha seed from?
I want longan seeds thailand
Regular harvest

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a rite ki taku blog whakamutunga e pā ana ki te kororā

a rite ki taku blog whakamutunga e pā ana ki te kororā 2.0 whakahou , e te tetahi e whakatau koutou rangatira , ko te tohu hapori ( e hia nga hononga kua horapa noa atu koutou i roto i pāpāho pāpori paetukutuku rite , hea , repin , tutuki , etc ) , ka hoki kaha hoki noa ano ki te rangahau i Indonesia HKSEO me ētahi atu tohunga Seo hoki , syamsul taiao Mas ( Mas te oha atu ! ) e tohu hapori ko tetahi take kaha i roto i te Seo i tēnei tau . ( Tenei tau ? Tikanga rerekē tau ano i muri mai ? Ya ..... rite tonu ahau ki te whakawhiti fepoupouaki hātepe , he wa ka kawea mai e ia ki raro i te ariā katoa , ae ra ko matou piri rite pai )

Google+ e kua kahore he mohio te reira ia tatou i te mau melo atu i to youtube me Twitter , kua meinga tetahi o nga taputapu mo google hopohopo koutou paetukutuku . Na koutou i taea e mea inaianei e , ka koutou oko e horapa atu ki roto ki google , he nui ake i roto i te kanohi o Google atu ki te tohatoha i te facebook tona uara , ahakoa nui , rawa , engari te pai arorau , ki te google+ weve ana mea Google , ae tino atu diutamain , hehe .
Ko E ai ki te ngā i kua whakahaere huri noa i Oketopa 2012 by tetahi o te pae tukutuku e ahau e rite , e mā te whakakotahi i to tatou paetukutuku ki to tatou kōtaha Google+ , ka nui ake te pāwhiri i roto i ngä o runga ki te neke atu i te 150 % , no te mea i roto i te tua ki google kite atu i te paetukutuku e tuitui ki google + ko pai , he hoki te iwi whakaatu atu psychologically pāwhiri rapu i te pikitia / whakaahua ( utu ki atu kia whakawakia ) , me te whakaahua / pikitia e te rerekëtanga atu tatou paetukutuku atu i ētahi atu i roto i te huanga rapu .
Na te tikanga o tenei aha ? POSITION THAT RAUKA GO WE UP IN huanga rapu GOOGLE WITH KORE rangatira hua WHĀRANGIAKATAKA MORE ABOUT Kaituhitanga GOOGLE
e mohio ana koe e mohio ki a koutou , he aha he google ngā kaituhi ? Ko te wāhanga hangarau mō te hanumi koutou paetukutu
ku ki google + tō kōtaha . A, no te tergabungkan koutou titiro koe i te engines rapu ka rite tenei atu iti iho ranei
Seo arotautanga ki google ngā kaituhiFIE ahau hei tīmata i tēnei Kaituhitanga GOOGLE arotautanga Seo
E 3 nga kaupae ki te whakauru Google+ kōtaha me koutou paetukutuku Google Kaituhitanga , kia tīmata tatou i te taahiraa 1Hipanga 1 Seo Arotautanga Google ngā kaituhi
kōrero e ahau i tenei ki te whakaaro e mahi ratou i tenei ko e mā te whakamahi i wordpress CMS ae ra , aroha , no te mea e matau ana ahau ki sementaara anake mo wordpress , engari ano hoki ka mohio tino te tukutuku reira , ka kite Tapa raro nei .
<link rel="author" href="" />
tenei te waehere koa maka ki runga ki te header.php . https hono me te whakakapi i taua mea ki te hononga e taea e koutou i to koutou wāhitau google+ .
Ki te kore e koe ano pono e kore hiahia ki te takaro i tetahi waehere kino ranei ranei , e taea te tāuta tika koe i te mono

Author Information i roto i Ngā Hua Rapu Google
Katoa i roto i te hoê Seo Pack
WordPress Seo by Yoast
tenei mono E toru wahi motuhake e taea ai e koe maka tou wāhi :) Google +Sitepu 2 Seo Techniques Google ngā kaituhi
Na i te taahiraa i muri ma
Superwash Laundry Bisnis Franchise Waralaba Murah di Indonesiai ,

Waitohu i roto i to koutou ki te whārangi kōtaha google
Whakatika i te wahi e pā ana ki a koe , ka haere ki te hono pāwhiri whakatika e i roto i te " Contributor ki "
Tomo i te wāhitau o koutou paetukutuku i roto i te wāhanga
sio rite i raro
te hono atu ki to koutou paetukutuku tikanga google Seo kiSitepu 3 Ways Google Seo ngā kaituhi
Kua whakamatautau koutou to koutou paetukutuku i roto i ngā taputapu tukutuku google , te raraunga i runga i te taputapu whakamätautau i hanganga , kia titiro koutou i muri ia koutou i muri paetukutuku i rot Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia  o i te whakamātautau ka haere mai ki waho , ano te titiro o toku paetukutuku e hoatu e ahau i te tauira i runga ake .
mataara te ataata e whai ake nei o te tau 2010 , ka kī ahau i te wa tuatahi e whakaaro ana ratou tohu pāpori , a kua kahore ataata tata mō Google+ , tika i te tuhinga anake :)
Na ? Kua uru atu koe i te paetukutuku ki google +Friendly Tāngiakoa Vahevahe
No pou e hāngai ana .

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Ngā kāwai Mō & pehea ki te Seo
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