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rop waste;

rop waste;
Waste plants and animals of the same land or other land;
Compost or bokasi;
Household organic waste, cities and markets; Llimbah organic waste plant;
Waste garbage farms; and
Specialty crop producers, organic ma
Banteng88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014tter (green manure, tree protectors etc.).
Also useful green manure to maintain and improve soil organic matter which can further increase the nitrogen. Green manure is a specialized form of organic recycling, namely:  green fertilizer can be collected from the leaves, branches, twigs and grass are transported to the field to spread as mulch on the ground or embedded in the ground.  green fertilizer can also be planted in the field and sunk during the fallow or before planting the main crop.  Fertilizer can be planted in surrogate green saree (intercrop) as a living mulch for the main crop.  green fertilizer can be grown as alley cropping, green manure tree or shrub planted as a fence a few feet away and in between (alley) can be planted with major crops.

Figure 1. Fertilizing with Green Fertilizers (organic) 2. Formation Quote Fields a. How beheading (centering) How this is done on plant material / seeds of the original cuttings planted in bekong. Implementation centering is as follows:

Once the seeds are planted dilapang a
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014nd has shown growth, that is about 4-6 months old, in centering the main stem 15-20 cm tall with leaves at least 5 pieces of leaves. When the height is not there leaves the centering be higher.
Then after a new branch grows to a height of 50-60 cm, ie about 6-9 months after centering and there are branches that grow strongly, it is necessary to cut (decentering) at a height of 30 cm to drive the growth to the side / width.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pests and Diseases

Pests and plant diseases peppers together with pests and diseases in pepper . Among other things , the leaf -eating caterpillars and fruit , enough control
LIGADAUN.COM AGEN TARUHAN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 CASINO TANGKAS POKER ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYA mechanically or manually . Can also be controlled with the use of artificial pesticides . Recipe makes artificial insecticides / herbs . Materials , 3 cloves of crushed garlic and 1 cup of water mixed with tobacco . How to use / application , materials that are mixed before added to 15 liters of water and sprayed on the leaves or fruit that there worms . Undoubtedly caterpillars will leave and will not want to eat sweet pepper .
Trips on pepper plants are very difficult to control . Feature trips infected plants , leaves and shoots of plants wrinkles because the fluid is sucked by this pest plant . If plants are infected but not yet severe , the affected part is cut / plucked and thrown away from the plant . But if it is severe , then the better the plants attacked discarded and replaced with new plants are healthy and the media must be replaced .Email This BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to FacebookBagikan to Pinterest7 comments :

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how much the price of 1 pound of peppers ?
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Paparika what kind of best quality and taste good ?
wind widhiprabowo5 February 2014 07:48

I pingin try planting .. tp DMN must buy seeds .. ?
tlng infonya
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Ricka Cawgel27 February 2014 04:01

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If we look at the form and the sort of thing that

If we look at the form and the sort of thing that will be prepared soil, it can be distinguished as follows 1. The Forest (original or secondary)
 Jasa Pembuatan Makalah2. Former Tegal or mites 3. Bakas other plantation crops (rubber, coffee and so forth)
Planting Distance
Spacing should be done / determined prior to opening or preparation done. Polarization-pin or pin-anjir anjir all determined by the spacing of cocoa. Spacing is different. Especially from country to country. If in Indonesia spacing looks more robust, between 4 mx 4 m or 4 mx 4.5 m and 5 mx 5 m. In Indonesia was held experimented with planting distance 4 mx 2 m. Testing is done in Ngobo. The district also jatirono try spacing 2.5 mx 2 m, the result turns out lucrative well.
Cocoa can also be planted without grafting, that is referred to by the name of the seed crop. Because of this low yield, crop seed, then plant the seedlings are a year old biasaanya connected with good quality clones, namely: DR 1, DR 2 and DR 38 or can be connected with KWC clones 1, DRC 13 DRC 15, and DRC 16.
While necessary for rootstock seeds of certain clones are guaranteed to strong growth and rooting. For the commonly used types of clones DR 1, DR 2 G 8, and GC 8, who have been through p; ercobaan and tests dib alai scrutiny.
Seed to Seed Selection
Fruit seed requirements, will always be taken from fruit that has been cooked. Bij-grain intake of fruits is done by cutting the fruit horizontally. Cutting is done carefully so tidakj destructive seeds. Once the seeds are removed from the fruit. For seed needs, then we recommend diambilkan seeds originating from the middle.

Jual Website Murah Membrane that covers the meat of the seed to be eliminated. Because if not then bihji will be marred by the ants, because the pulp or flesh tastes sweet. Usually this is used to remove the pulp ash. The seeds are mixed with ash and then polished with a polishing cloth. After the newly washed with water. Having missed the seeds with pulp, seeds rock the dikecambahkan.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The team made ​​controlling inflation busy lately

The team made ​​controlling inflation busy lately . Because there is one agricultural commodity price increases are spectacular . If the rise is fuel prices , electricity tariff , as well as public transport they will not be too busy as usual even though such a Jasa SEO Jakarta Selatanpolicy is always opposed by the student anyway in the end also no problem . But , this one issue really dizzy economists make it .
The increase in the price of grain , corn , and soy is a nat ural one . Usually prices rise in times of shortage and prices fell dramatically during the harvest . Ordinary , natural law for farmers . But , this time , a commodity that headache that just commodities that are not popular . Jengkol .
Imagine , jengkol usually three thousand dollars a kilo , now soared to thirty thousand per kilo . In fact , in some cities reportedly jengkol price until it reaches one hundred thousand per kilo .
" This one is not fair ! "
" We have to do surgery market ! "
" But in the list of stocks in Bulog , this commodity is not listed ! "
" We import only ! "
" Where , wherever there is no stock jengkol ! "
The debate over the economy ministers in a limited cabinet meeting at the center of the city was more protracted . There was no way out that they can offer . Usually if there is a problem such that they live instruct market operations , even for trade dollars too. In them there are still pockets of commodity stocks that can be thrown into the market at any time to control inflation ( the official , the fact that they take advantage of the moment to release the rising prices of goods , definite profit ) .
" We need to establish an investigative team ! "
" We must go to the production center jengkol ! "
Problems jengkol price increases inevitably
Jasa SEO Blog Murah disturbing the lower classes . Understandably , jengkol are a favorite food of the pedicab drivers , driver , watchman market , and mbok - mbok market . So naturally, if they know the price jengkol fret when inflated .