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surface of the water and allow the water to seep

surface of the water and allow the water to seep by itself until all parts of the oasis setting. Do not press to speed oasis immersed in the water because it will cause no wet oasis perfectly.
     Cut Oasis in accordance with the size of the diameter of cuttings
     Oasis is cut to size to suit the size of cuttings.
     Plug ¾ deep cuttings media
     Cuttings plugged into pieces 2/3 long pieces deep oasis oasis
     Arrange the cuttings in a tray
     Cuttings arranged in a tray with the position of the leaves overlap to prevent decay.
     Place the cuttings in propagation Chamber
     Cuttings in propagation tray is placed in the chamber. Process until the root formation of cuttings ready ditrasplanting range 3-6 weeks

Similarly Way Jambu Air Madu cuttings, plant cuttings above can also be applied to hardwood, semi-woody, soft, and herbaceous.
He expressed, in terms of marketing for this is still done mouth to mouth. He has had a permanent agency to buy guava water.

Every single tree Water Guava, guava fruit Antonius could produce about 200 kilograms and is sold for Rp 13 thousand perkilogramnya. In one hectare of trees can be planted as many as 120 stems

"For now the most important is to cultivate a serious and treatment plants regularly so that maximum growth," he said. (as)

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Cropping pattern:
guava seeds can be planted in the garden by planting pattern / spacing of 8 x 8 m.

Planting hole:
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planting hole should be made ​​at the end of the dry season / rainy season ahead, so when the approaching rainy season, the plant has been established. Thus the new crop (rainy season) does not need to be watered twice a sehari.lebar x in = 1 x 1 x 0.5 m.

Planting Method:
guava seedlings planted into the planting hole measuring 60 x 60 x 60 cm. Need to pay attention to the depth of planting and planting time should be carried out exactly at the beginning of the rainy season and in the afternoon.

Plant maintenance
Stitching is done before the 1-month-old plants. Seeds that do not grow to be replaced with new seedlings are planted in the holes the same. Weeding is done with the intent to enrich the soil, removing weeds / weeds (if any) or animals hidden in the soil. By weeding can check the state of the soil layer.

Sumarwan (48) pebudidaya guava nectar MedanBisnis encountered in far
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